Given the current emergency situation that we are experiencing today and with the aim of mentalize the population and in particular our patients, please understand the importance of the role that each of us has to help curb the spread of this epidemic, from Monday 16 March, the clinic will remain closed to the public, initially for the next two weeks, or until the emergency ends.

ONLY serious emergencies will be attend by appointment at 649213564

We are obliged to take preventive measures to safeguard the health of our patients as well as our health care workers and auxiliary staff, being a professional category considered to be of high risk.

We also urge our fellow citizens to stay at home and not to go out except in cases of extreme necessity.

Only together will we be able to control the spread of this virus.




In Dental Clinic El Camisón , located in Playa de Las Americas, Arona, the heart of southern Tenerife, we take care that your smile never stops to show off. For this we have the latest technological advances and a team of highly qualified professionals in all dental specialties and we are highly committed with our patients.

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